Yanda Protocol Introduction
The scope of this paper is to introduce a decentralized protocol - based on ERC-20 smart contracts - that enhances the transparency of potentially any automated process taking place outside the web3.0.
The idea is to link centralized automation to the blockchain not only with the scope of oracling data but to audit and evaluate the tasks carried out in a centralized environment to guarantee safety and transparency.
The Yanda protocol builds an ecosystem that includes:
  • Brokers of services that operate outside the web3.0;
  • Creators of automated processes;
  • Validators that carry the audit of the automated processes and oracle data to the chain;
  • End-users that are happy to interact with the protocol as they value transparency and data legitimacy.
Smart contract life cycle
The parties interact together in order to validate brokers’ actions and to legitimate the use of data passed from brokers to the end-users.
Yanda protocol is a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) using ERC20 smart contracts. The Yanda Token (YND) allows its holders to participate in the DAO governance with the ability to propose changes and vote.
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