Run a Validator

In this guide, you'll learn how to set up your validator and help the Yanda protocol grow.

The number of validators is limited, which means not everyone can run a node. Before you go through the whole process, please contact us on Discord or Telegram, to know if you are eligible to run a validator.


  • A web3 wallet like Metamask or Trust wallet

  • A running pc with a stable internet connection or a Digital Ocean server

Set up Metamask Wallet

This is needed to receive your part of the profit for the validation service and for Trading with the app, if you don't have a Metamask Wallet, download it now from here and install it on Chrome.

Add funds to your wallet

Remember, these are not real tokens, they're not tradable for other tokens and they've no value. Their main purpose is to test the protocol and trade on Yanda during the test-net phase.

Add ETH to your wallet

  • Select the Ethereum network from the dropdown list on Metamask;

  • Add ETH to your wallet.

Add YNDT to your wallet

  • Select the Ethereum network from the dropdown list on Metamask;

  • Scroll down and click on "Import Tokens";

  • Paste this address to the "Token Contract Address" field: 0xF82e6a3D0fE40EDdf0Bcf3c4bBe9c0bE795D7Fb7 ;

  • Click "Add Custom Token";

You should see the Yanda (YND) token on Metamask, to receive YND go to our Discord channel, and ask for receive funds for free in your wallet. You can also contact us on Telegram.

Get the private key from Metamask wallet

If you want to run a validator we recommend using a new wallet with no funds on it. Do not share your private key to anyone if you have funds on it.

Select the Ethereum from the drop-down list, click on the three dots next to your address, click on "Account Details" and then on "Export Private Key".

Once authenticated copy your private key in a safe place, you will need it shortly.

Set up your machine

  • Install Docker on your pc (you can do it from this link);

  • Run the following command on your terminal:

docker pull yanda1/dev-validator:<yanda-app-version>

Run always the latest version, you can find the current version here.

  • When the download is terminated, run the following command on your terminal, and insert your wallet private key when needed:

docker run --env PRIVATE_KEY=<your-private-key> yanda1/dev-validator:<yanda-app-version>
  • Now that your validator app is running on your terminal, contact us on Discord or Telegram to add your node to our validators list.

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